JMeter test

You can start play with cubiculus API by JMeter tests. Here is short guide how to run JMeter test:

  • Download JMetere from Choose version number bigger than 2.4.
  • Unzip JMeter to some directory at you file system
  • Download JMeter test file from code there go to directory "interface/trunk/src/test/jmeter/" where is "api.jmx" file. Store this file to file system.
  • Go to JMeter directory and run it like this:
  • From main menu "File" choose "Open" and open previously downloaded "api.jmx"
  • From left menu choose "variable-prod" and you'll see following image
  • Enter you API key, account email and password.
  • Than from main menu choose "Run" choose "Start"
  • Test should run less than one minute. When it is done from left menu select "View result tree" and than click on "get lego sets" and finally choose from right menu tab "Response data". You should see data from cubiculus server: