How to start with API

Here are described basic principles how API works how should be used.

Technology overview could be found here Description of available API methods is at

API - high level view

When user access HTML interface is used and is rendered in user's browser. When user wants to create it's own software that this software have to use API as it is at following image

High level API functionality

Main goal of this library is simplify working with API.

Get API access key

API access key will be used in all API calls. It helps identify caller identity.

How to get API access key:

  1. create account at
  2. go to you profile page, by clicking at you E-mail in top right corner.
  3. from right menu choose "API key"
  4. here should be string like "arvr2tdkf8e3i1nkjp69hh4b91ntisd8jras15rbsh8cfgnfih2mo67u75m3absf" and this is your key.