What is this project about?

Site cubiculus.com publish API for accessing information about lego sets, building instructions and others. Aim is to create easy to use and integrate library that helps adopt cubiculus API in your project. Technical parameters of API are described at cubiculus.com.

What tasks could be solved with cubiculus API?

  • show information about some LEGO set based on lego set number
  • show LEGO set building instructions
  • show all LEGO sets by some criteria (release year, price, LEGOLAND, Blacktron, town ...)
  • manage personal LEGO collection

All this features are available in AJAX application, web application, desktop client or in mobile application. Generally API could be used where is accessible internet and cubiculus server.

Structure of this project

Following image shows all parts of cubiculus project at sourceforge.net.

Dependencies between cubiculus libraries
  • cubiculus-interface - contain cubiculus API data model, classes that could be mapped to cubiculus API input/output
  • cubiculus-ldraw - library for creating model of LDRAW file, model could be translated to other formats.
  • base-pom - contains maven environment settings, like snapshot and release repository
  • cubiculus-desktop - here is example how to use cubiculus-interface and how to implement LEGO set browser in java swing application
  • cubiculus-browser - GWT application that show building instruction for some LEGO set
  • cubiculus-highlighter - GWT application that find all valid LEGO set number and if found information about it at cubiculus than it show this information.
  • cubiculus-highlighter-chrome - Google Chrome plugin/extension that highlight LEGO set number at page.
  • cubiculus-doc - general cubiculus documentations, this documentation wchich you are looking at is part of cubiculus-doc project.