Highlighter - basic info

Screenshots, download and other information are available in Chrome Web Store at extension download page.

Source codes for plugin are at main source code repository in directory /cubiculus-highlighter-chrome.

How it works

When user visits some page and extension is active than extension done it's work. Extension scan page that user see in browser and highlight LEGO set numbers. When user go over highlighted LEGO set number than Chrome extension display basic information about LEGO set.

How is extension integrated into browser

It's noticeable that Chrome extensions are written in java script.

Extension in detail

Part of Chrome extension called "content script" couldHTML page actually shown in browser. Content script find all LEGO set numbers and try to get information about them from cubiculus.com server. For this is used API method lego-set. Than content script highlight all LEGO set numbers with <span class="cubiculus-legoSet"> and </span>. During this phase is also added onMouseOver event. Finally content script attach to main page java script that display box with LEGO set information.

How extension works in browser

Background script

It's java script file which keep state between all browsers windows. It's used for keeping information if plugin is enabled or not.